Bec is a devoted and friendly piano teacher. She covers Mosman, St Leonards, North Sydney, Crows Nest and surrounding suburbs.

She has a keen interest in music, particularly piano and musical theatre. Following a music scholarship, Bec was actively involved in the music department at school, which led to the achievement of Performing Arts Captain at St Vincent’s College Potts Point. Bec achieved excellent marks in Music 2 and Music extension. Her repertoire ranged from classical to the modern era.

She has completed piano examination up to Grade 8 under Australian music examination board (AMEB) with a result of A Honours. Bec is undertaking a degree at Sydney University, a Bachelor of Engineering Project Management.


Bec believes the key to success and the good achievement in music is enthusiasm in music which can be developed during the music learning journey.


If you are looking for a patient and fun teacher, Bec is the tutor for you!

Jessie is a dedicated, patient and passionate tutor in Piano and Flute. She covers lower north shore suburbs (North Sydney, Kirribilli...)


Jessie graduated from Sydney Conservatorium of Music High School, where she majored in Piano, Flute and Composition. She has completed AmusA (Associate Diploma in Music) on Piano and Cmus (Certificate of Performance) on Flute under the Australian Music Examinations Board and also achieved top marks in HSC Music 2 and Extension Music, alongside a nomination for ENCORE. 


Jessie’s time at the Conservatorium of Music allowed for many performance opportunities as well as extensive involvement in orchestral, choral and chamber ensembles, partaking in frequent performances at the Sydney Opera House and Government House.


Jessie aims to impart her enthusiasm for music through teaching. Her goal is to create an experience that is both fun yet educational, providing students with a solid foundation to music-making.

Isabelle is an enthusiastic, passionate and patient educator in Piano. She teaches all over Chatswood, Willoughby, Lane Cove and surrounded suburbs.


She has completed piano examinations up to Grade 8 under the Association Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and has taken Music 1 for her HSC Examinations having experience in trio ensembles with string instruments as well as solo performances.


Isabelle has completed her bachelor's degree in Medical Science at the University of Sydney and currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Health Technology Innovation. She is very keen on sharing her musical knowledge, allowing students to realise the importance of music and understand the story that each piece of music unfolds.


Throughout her musical journey, she has been exposed to many different styles of music ranging from classical to 20th century and her goals are to encourage students to learn to enjoy each piece of music. She also is highly qualified in preparation for AMEB and HSC exams.

If you are looking for structured and educational approach to Piano, Isabelle is the tutor for you!

Josie is an empathetic and diligent piano and vocal teacher. She teaches all over Lindfield, Killara, Gordon and surrounding suburbs.


She has been playing piano for over 13 years. She is studying a Bachelor of Music majoring in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She excelled in music throughout high school, achieved a Band 6 in Music 2 and E4 in Music Extension for her performances of classical, jazz, flamenco and contemporary vocal repertoire, and for her classical compositions.

Josie is a teacher who believes in playing music from the heart. She tries to make others see the joy in piano playing, and is motivated to pass on the skills, technique and performing tips to her students.

If you are looking for a kind, fun, educational approach to Piano, Josie is the tutor for you!

Erin is an enthusiastic, friendly and passionate piano teacher. She teaches students in Lindfield, Killara, Gordon, St Ives, Turramurra and surrounding suburbs.


She has been playing piano for more than 13 years, and has been exposed to many different styles of music from classical to modern. She had scored high results in music for her HSC, also through the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) she has reached Grade 8 on piano.

Erin is an undergraduate university student who is currently working on her Bachelor of Applied Finance and Economics and loves to pass on the gift of knowledge and her passion for music through exciting yet structured lessons.


Erin believes the students' individual choices of musical manner and pieces are significant on their joyful musical journey, music chosen by the heart can bring more joviality and harvest.


If you are looking for a passionate and enthusiastic piano teacher, Erin is the tutor for you!


Patrick is a patient, dedicated and enthusiastic piano educator. He is available to teach in all areas around the lower north shore area. 


He has played piano for over 10 years and has completed piano exams under the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) syllabus. He has experience performing in piano eisteddfods and concerts. Patrick has also completed degrees in computer science and mathematics.


Patrick believes that a good foundation is essential for one's piano development. He ensures that his students are well-versed in the fundamentals behind the piano and also encourages them to play from the heart.  He is an empathetic educator and is able to adjust his teaching style to cater to each student while still ensuring they are continuously developing.


If you are looking for a knowledgeable and personable teacher, Patrick is the tutor for you!

Samantha is a patient and enthusiastic piano teacher. She teaches all over

St Ives, Lindfield, Willoughby, Crows nest and surrounding suburbs.


She has been playing piano for 14 years and has completed her examinations under the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) syllabus, finishing Grade 8. She also took Music 2 for her HSC.

Samantha is an undergraduate student currently studying a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of New South Wales. Through her exams and performances, she has been exposed to a range of musical styles, enjoying both classical and modern pieces.


Samantha aims to not only teach the fundamental skills of the piano but to also encourage students to find their own style and interpretation of music. She hopes her students learn to truly love and appreciate the instrument through fun and engaging lessons.

If you are looking for a passionate, fun and educational approach to piano, Samantha is the tutor for you!

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