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Very happy with the service. My two girls are 4 & 6 yr olds, both love their teacher and have progressed really well in playing Piano within months. Highly recommended!



I have a bit further to go before I can challenge Einaudi but these classes are great!


Amazing dedication, care and attention especially with younger children. So pleased with both my children’s progress; in such a short period of time. The annual concert performance is also a highlight to look forward to at the end of the year. Thank-you!




My daughter attends for weekly Piano lessons. Best lessons program ever. Just fantastic- she had a blast. Great teachers, fab experience!


The amount of talent being transferred by a simple tiny session was staggering. Thanks for being such a modest, humble and patient teacher.

We would not be able to have our loved one as happy without your endeavor and empathy.

Love your work.

Please, Please, continue.



It’s not easy to find the right piano teacher. some pianists with too much skill don’t teach beginners; some that teach beginners don’t have enough skill, or some piano teachers are too over-bearing.
This beautiful lady manages to put it all together in the right combination. she’s obviously extremely qualified and talented, but also knows how to teach, and more importantly teaches effectively.
This amazing soul has fun with her students while holding them to the highest standards and helping them to develop their skills.




‏One of the best music schools with professional teachers for kids who want to find and grow their passion for music since an early age.


Extremely happy to be apart of this great music school. My teacher is always persistent in taking me to the next level and giving me the results in which I desire. Thank you PrestoPiano. Keep up the awesome work 🙂



Jan Hui

Great teacher with amazing skills and a friendly attitude! Very passionate about music and I really enjoy the fun lessons, thank you


I've only met Erin and Maddie, but you are both amazing teachers and Xiao has enjoyed his lessons with both of you. The communication was always great, and you've both always been responsive to concerns or when we needed help with something. Erin even wrote up a little practice schedule/things to work on sheet for Xiao as we're transitioning to USA and looking for a new teacher there. She has been excellent for us and we're so thankful for everything you all do!



This is an awesome music school with super-talented teachers who have a great passion to teach.


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