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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Absolute beginners

Presto-Piano provides a great opportunity for absolute beginners and children to have lots of musical fun in an unpressured classroom environment. It also helps them discover a joy of doing something creative that lasts a lifetime.

 Kids Program  

As we all know, teaching Piano to kids is much different to adults. Presto-Piano prides itself on having friendly communication, positive reinforcement and various teaching methods with adjusting them for each individual students. Moreover, Presto-Piano develops concentration, rhythmic skills, do action and movement for gross motor co-ordination, experience music appreciation for listening skills and play lots of musical games to encourage the brain to develop through musical concepts.

Based on all of my knowledge and experiences I tried to create an enjoyable and fun environment classroom to make an easy way of learning for the kids. The balance between fun and learning within Presto-Piano lessons is achieved by interweaving a mix of; Story, Painting, Duet, games, Sticker chart, Flash cards, iPod app games, Rhythm games, Whiteboard and theory quizzes.

  Adults Program    

It is never too late to learn Piano, doesn't matter how old are you! Playing piano is fantastic "brain food" and keeps your mind sharp as a tack.

In Presto-Piano I designed the most practical methods for adult beginners. The main focus is on reading notes, music theory, rhythm, sight reading, understanding of chords and playing different pieces of music.

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